It would seem these days that nothing is safe anymore.  Not even your phone.  Just about anything with an internet connection is being exploited by virus writers.


According to Computer World, researchers at North Carolina State University discovered a new virus for the Android operating system.  Nicknamed “GingerMaster,” this new malware is capable of “rooting,” or gaining complete control of the phone.  Using this control, all of the phone’s contents are accessible to the person who distributed the malware.  All private data including contact’s, email, passwords, etc. can be stolen.

Although this isn’t an entirely new threat, this is a pretty dangerous one.  More and more hackers are turning to mobile phones as a new source of victims for their attacks.  Few antivirus programs are available for smart phones, but fortunately many of the same safety measures that apply to computers apply to mobile phones as well.  Mainly, DON’T DOWNLOAD FILES FROM UNTRUSTED SOURCES!  If you follow just this one rule, you should be safe for now.

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