Apparently artificial intelligence is an internationally popular subject. This fall, two experts from Stanford University, Dr’s. Sebastian Thrun and Peter Norvig, begin a free experimental virtual course appealing to more than 58,000 people around the world.


Although the course is going to be difficult and may require advanced math and knowledge of certain theories, the class is available to anyone. In fact, more than 175 countries have shown interest in the virtual course.

This is one of three experimental courses Stanford’s computer science department is offering to the world. I think many people, including myself, might wonder if these classes could reduce revenue for the elite university that comes from their high-priced tuition.

“I’m much more interested in bringing Stanford to the world,” Dr. Thrun said. “I see the developing world having colossal educational needs.”

This is a very noble move for these scientists and Stanford University as a whole. I don’t know these men, but it sounds like they have the interest of the world’s education at heart, instead of gaining glory or money.

“The vision is: change the world by bringing education to places that can’t be reached today,” said Dr. Thrun.

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