As many of us have found out the hard way, cybercrime is a big deal these days. What makes things even more scary is the fact that cybercrime is no longer committed by many lone hackers or loosely affiliated groups, but by highly organized posses of professionals. Thankfully though, police in the UK have dealt a major blow over the past few weeks to two of the most well known groups of late: Anonymous and Lulzsec.



While these groups pose little immediate threat to individuals, they call themselves “Hackivists” and their main targets are governments and corporations. Many of their members are thought to participate in other cybercrime that does affect the average user. The favorite game of Lulzsec and Anonymous is stealing government secrets to post on WikiLeaks and other similar sites, compromising national security and costing the government (therefore taxpayers) quite a bit of money.

The UK police recently arrested Jake Davis, the alleged Anonymous spokesman “Topiary,” and according to UK law could receive up to ten years in prison. Personally, I think this is way too little, but with any luck, and the speed at which technology progresses these days, he will be too far behind to do any real damage for a while. A more fitting punishment would be to tie him (and anyone else caught committing cybercrime for that matter) to a telephone pole in town square and let all the housewives and senior citizens who are the usual victims take a few swings at him.

Stay tuned for more info on how to keep you and your computer safe. For more information about recent updates in this story, see Sophos’ Naked Security Blog.