Laptop w/ Broken ScreenWe’ve already covered a few of the most common mistakes that can lead to your laptop computer’s untimely demise.  Here are a few more mistakes that, although slightly less fatal, can still lead to costly laptop repairs.




  1. Using a laptop as a desktop- This is bad for two reasons: one, you could have saved a ton of money by buying a desktop in the first place; and two, laptop computers aren’t meant for 24/7 use.  By nature of the fact that notebooks are meant to be portable, all of the parts have been miniaturized.  This means that a certain amount of ruggedness that you get with a desktop is sacrificed in order to save space.  Also, because so many parts are crammed into so small of a package, heat becomes more of an issue as well.  While it is perfectly safe (and even recommended by some experts) to leave a desktop computer on 24/7, you are better off powering down your laptop when you aren’t using it.  Hibernating (not to be confused with standby) is a good option if you don’t want to wait for the computer to boot up.

  2. Leaving the battery in while using AC Power- Laptop batteries are just as expensive if not more so than laptop repairs.  All batteries will eventually wear out, but you should be able to get around 2-3 years of normal use.  One way to extend your battery life is to remove the battery if you plan to use the computer for an extended period of time on external power.  This also includes if you leave your laptop plugged in while it is turned off.  Constantly charging a battery that is already fully charged not only hurts the battery, but generates excess heat.  As we have mentioned before, excess heat = dead electronics = costly laptop repairs.  Many new laptops from ASUS and Lenovo even come with a spare battery cover for using the laptop without its battery.

  3. Setting things on the laptop- This is common sense, but so is not leaving liquids near your computer.  Even something as simple as leaving a pen on the keyboard then forgetting and closing the lid can break the keyboard and/or the screen.   Replacing a keyboard is one of the cheaper laptop repairs, but you’ll still feel dumb that you wasted 50 bucks.  Trust me, I’ve done this twice myself.  Replacing a screen, on the other hand, will usually cost $150-$200 because, even though the actual laptop repair is cheap, the part can be rather expensive.  Play it safe and never set anything on the laptop, open or closed, and make sure that there is sufficient padding in any carrying case.  Loose pens, pencils, or other objects in the bag also have a way of working themselves between the screen and keyboard and causing damage.

Remember, a little common sense can save you a lot of money.  Computer repair isn’t cheap, and laptop repair can be even worse.  If you have any questions about this or any other computer topic, send them to


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