We’ve all dealt with them, you are done using your computer and just want to shut it down.  Unfortunately, Windows has downloaded recent updates and insists on installing them before it will let the computer turn off.  Is this safe to ignore?  Can I just turn off the computer and let Windows finish later?  What are the updates anyway, and why are they important?

Windows happens to be a very complex computer program and even the best programmers in the world will occasionally make mistakes.  To make matters worse, virus writers and hackers are constantly looking for ways to get through security in your computer.  The job of Windows updates is to automatically fix these mistakes and security holes in order to keep your computer functioning properly.

Sounds like a great idea?  In theory, yes, but there is a reason most computer repair technicians have a love-hate relationship with Windows Update.  On the one hand, updates fix problems and play a large part in keeping a computer stable and virus-free.  On the other hand, sometimes a new update will clash with software or a virus that is already on the machine and stop your computer from working properly.  For someone with the proper training and tools, this isn’t too difficult to fix, but for the average user, it can be a nightmare.

For the most part though, Windows updates are very important and most users should just let Windows update automatically.  Most problems with updates can be solved with a simple system restore when they do happen.  If this is above your head, contact your local computer repair shop, and they will be happy to help.  Just be patient and know that every time you are forced to download and install updates, your computer will be that much safer.  Whatever you do though, don’t turn the computer off while updates are installing.  This can cause nasty problems that will require the help of a computer repair technician.


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