I love the smell of madness in the morning! And if you’re an avid college basketball fan like I am, I bet you’re smelling the same thing. Unfortunately, most of us can’t sit at home all day in our favorite recliner flipping back and forth from game to game til our hearts’ content. We work. But, if you’re an expert multi-tasker, a master at hiding things from your boss, or you just frankly don’t care who sees, read on, brotha (sista).

The International Business Times found, “The most convenient way to watch all of the action is to go to the different websites carrying the games and authenticate your cable package. CBS Sports is offering all of its games for free on its website, but you’ll have to go to ncaa.trutv.com , ncaa.tbs.com, and ncaa.tnt.com for games being shown on those networks.” Full article here.

Even though I don’t have a cable package, cbssports.com immediately pulled up the BYU game for me after clicking on the “watch live” screen on the home page. Lamentably, my boss did not have the same luck on his computer. Some of us are just lucky, I guess. Hopefully it works for you.

IBT said another way they found to watch the games free online is through a Coke Zero promotion. When you sign up for Coke Zero texting alerts you get access to the free live stream. You text the number zero with your favorite team to 2653. They will then send you back a message with a code to use at ncaa.com/cokezero.

Well, I hope this helps. Your brackets, on the other hand, may already be beyond repair. Good luck and let the madness continue! Oh, and for a great example on how to hide watching the game on your phone, watch this commercial. Cheers.