Computer Repair Technician Portrait, Johann

Johann started working on computers from a very young age beginning with a Commodore 64 his dad brought home from work. The rule in his house was “You broke it, you fix it,” and like most kids he was pretty good at breaking things. Eventually, he also got really good at fixing them.

It didn’t take long before Johann realized that with some education and additional experience he could start a career as a computer repair technician. After several years working for other people and freelancing, he opened CompuClinic in 2009 while still a student at BYU. Now as manager and head technician, he specializes in small business IT support and data recovery, but can be seen working on just about anything.

Jesse first became interested in computer repair after he accidentally cracked his laptop’s LCD screen. Being a poor student at the time, he was forced to try and fix it himself. After that, he decided to pursue IT as a career. He found a computer repair technician internship at Little Dog Tech while earning his Associates degree at NICC.

Jesse has been at CompuClinic for the past 3 years and is our primary Apple® specialist on staff. To the amazement of his colleagues, Jesse actually enjoys challenging, in-depth laptop repairs describing them as "calming" and "zen-like" experiences. He is currently pursuing a BS of Computer Science at BYU.

Portrait of computer repair technician, Jesse