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Technology is constantly advancing which can often bring unnecessary headache.  Computers are everywhere and we’ve learned to be reliant on them.  When they stop working though, it can feel like the sky is falling.

A slow or misbehaving computer is enough to make even the most patient person consider just smashing it and moving on.  When you’re frustrated and need help, give CompuClinic a call for computer repair near American Fork, UT.

We find your problem and fix it quick

There are many reasons computers break down, and while many symptoms look the same, they can have very different causes.  That’s why we make sure to do a thorough diagnostic assessment of every computer we work on.  What may look like a virus infection at first, could actually be bad RAM.  Sometimes there’s nothing wrong at all, but the computer is just underpowered for your needs and usage habits.  That doesn’t necessarily mean you need a different computer though.  We can often significantly improve your computer’s performance with some simple upgrades.

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We keep problems from coming back.

Just fixing a particular problem is only half the job.  We need to assess why the problem happened in the first place and take steps to keep it from happening again.  Maybe in an attempt to save money, the manufacturer used cheap components in your computer.  We’ll replace the broken part with a higher quality one where possible.  If you didn’t have any antivirus software installed and got infected, we’ll make sure to recommend a good program to prevent future infections.

Most computer problems are completely preventable with a little foresight, and those that aren’t we can at least mitigate by making sure your data is safe.  To learn more, stop in or give us a call at 801-377-1064 to speak to a technician today!

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