Computer Tune-Up

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There are a lot of reasons our computers slow down over time.  Unfortunately, most computer tune-up software and services offered by the big box stores don’t really do much to address the specific problems causing your computer to run slowly.  They take the shotgun approach figuring that if they throw enough automated tools at the problem, one of them will stick.  Sometimes this works; often it doesn’t.

We prefer to take a more precise approach to speed up your computer.  Is the problem caused by a virus infection?  Is it caused by failing hardware?  Is it maybe just time for an upgrade?  We do a full diagnostic on every computer we work on so that we can get to the bottom of the problem and find a solution tailored to your computer.

What do you recommend instead of a PC tune-up?

At the request of our customers, we do offer a basic maintenance package which we call a  “computer tune-up.”  Our technicians do a thorough checkup, run multiple maintenance processes, clean up your PC,  and offer additional suggestions on how to improve performance.  Our clients love the peace of mind they get from having an expert look over their system periodically to avoid major problems down the road.

Computer Tune-Up Service

  • Full 24-Point Diagnostic
  • Clean Up Temporary Files
  • Defragment Hard Drives
  • Stop Auto-Starting Programs
  • Check Filesystem Integrity
  • Repair Broken System Files
  • Install OS Security Updates
  • Update Installed Software
  • Physically Clean and Dust Computer
    (In-Shop & On-Site Only)
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Estimated Time & Cost*


Best performed in-shop2-3 Days$50

Can be difficult/expensive on-site, and less thorough than in-shop service2-4 Hours$85 / hour

Can be performed remotely, but is less thorough than in-shop service24 hours$50

Estimated Time & Cost*

2-3 Days$50
Best performed in-shop

2-4 Hours$85 / hour
Can be difficult/expensive on-site, and less thorough than in-shop service

24 hours$50
Can be performed remotely, but is less thorough than in-shop service

*All turn-times and prices listed online are approximate. Unless otherwise noted, prices do not include cost of parts. Free Diagnostic subject to exceptions. Click HERE for details. Emergency or RUSH service is available for an additional fee. On-Site & Remote services require an appointment. Subject to availability. Travel fee may apply.