Used Computer Store

NOTE: Pursuant to the Utah Pawnshop and Secondhand Merchandise Transaction Information Act we can no longer buy equipment from the public. Trades are still allowed.

We carry a wide selection of used and refurbished computers in our local used computer store. The majority of items for sale are off-lease or liquidated computers that were mostly used in a corporate or institutional environment. We also usually have a handful of items that were traded in by other customers.

All of our inventory comes with a 90-Day hardware warranty with a 1 year warranty available upon request. They have all been fully tested, wiped clean, and restored to factory settings. We only sell used computers that we know we can trust. We also have used monitors and some peripherals for sale. We can accept old computers as trade credit towards your purchase. Stop by to see our available used computers today!

Why Shop at a Used Computer Store?

  • All items fully tested and guaranteed.
  • Get a much better computer for the price of a new bargain basement system.
  • Local warranty center – No need to mail-in your computer if there’s a problem.
  • Get advice from technicians, not salespeople.
Family with laptop happy with their purchase from a used computer store